LNB & BUC Accessories

LNB Accessories 

L-Band Amplifiers and Connector Water seals
LNW-20 Output F-Connector Water Seal
LA20 L-Band Line Amplifiers ( 20 dbGain)


C & Ku Band Wave guide Isolators to improve overall VSWR
ISOK20F Ku Band Isolator with 20 dB isolation
ISOC30S C-Band Isolators with 30 dB isolation


C & Ku Band Transmit Reject Filters
C-Band TRF with 55dB minimum rejection
TRFK55F Ku Band TRF with 55 dB minimum rejection
TRFK70F Ku Band TRF with minimum 70 dB rejection
OMTs Ku Band OMT Transmit Reject Filters
OMTR75F Ku Band TRF with 75dB rejection and OMT