hcc-logo.jpg (5098 bytes) Bias T,  T Mux,  T Mux Oscillator

  • Very low bandpass ripple

  • Very low L band through loss

  • Very high RX port to 10 MHz port isolation

  • Superior Input and Output VSWR

  • Will operate with most LNBs,VSATs, HNBs, Transmitters, Modems


Bandpass    900 - 2100 MHz
Thru Loss    0.5 dB Max
Ripple    +/- 0.2 dB Max
Input VSWR   1.3:1  Max
Output VSWR   1.3:1  Max
10 MHz:
Bandpass   1 - 100 MHz (3 dB down)
Thru Loss   0.1 dB 10 MHz to LNB Port
Isolation   > 90 dB 10 MHz to Rx Port
Notch Filter   Opt. 20 MHz 2nd Harmonic
Current   0.5 Amps (2.5 Amps Optional)
Filtering   Hash filter, low pass filter
Input interface N, Sma, F, BNC or TNC
Output interface N, Sma, F, BNC or TNC
Size   3.5 x 3.8 x 0.85 inch
Weight   5 oz.
Operating Temp   -40  to +60 C
Input Voltage   0 to +24 Vdc
Current Capacity 1Amp Typical, 2.5Amp optional

Specifications are subject to change without notice



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